How To Help A Friend, Partner Or Relative With A Drug Addiction

When someone you know has a problem with drug addiction, it is very hard to watch them destroy themselves. Often teenagers go through bad mood swings during adolescence, so it can be quite difficult to be sure of what you dealing with.

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Here are some signs you might particularly notice:

• Spending more time shut away in their bedroom
• Mood swings – from being happy go lucky to being nasty, unpleasant and even lying
• Either always looking for money or buying lots of personal possessions
• Strange or different sleeping patterns
• School work not being done
• Drop in personal cleanliness

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How you can help
Often the person suffering with the drug addiction will deny it and not want to be helped as they get addicted to the high feelings of euphoria the drugs give them. You can try and talk to them and see if they want to open up in any way. Whoever the person is, it is hard, very upsetting and emotional for you to deal with it on your own. See these points coming up for what you can do to help:

• Establish whether the person even wants to be helped, because that is half the battle won
• Get them to a doctor who can do some blood screening tests to find out which drugs are being abused
• Make sure she knows that any detox programme will be in a controlled hospital environment to lessen their withdrawal, suffering, shivering and possible hallucinations
• Reassure this person that you love them and that you will help them and that you will always be there to support them.


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