Five top tips in dressing to meet his parents


Let’s admit it; the experience will always give you goose bumps.

No need to worry, this is an experience most, if not all, ladies will go through, some twice or even thrice.

The first impression will mean a lot in earning the parents trust; after all, he is their boy. We teamed up with to provide readers of aidai with 5 outfit ideas for meeting his parents.

Find something you are comfortable in

The situation at hand might get quite uncomfortable. It is advisable to wear something that you feel confident in; you want to get in control.

Don’t overdo the makeup

I agree you want to look cute. But remember you have that natural beauty; after all, you are meeting his parents.

Avoid a dress that shows lots of skin

Too much cleavage or legs might put off his parents, cover your cleavage and be modest

Consult your parents

Parents will always want what’s best for you. So get into your closet and try different outfits, the might actually see things that you don’t.
Ask your man what is expected of you

Though he might not be good at fashion, he definitely understands his parents. He might give you a tip or two on how to impress.
Finally when the time comes be confident and remember to be your smile.

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