How Much can you Make as an Uber Driver?

Driver for uber can be a roller coaster of a ride. One minute you have so much work you don’t know which job to take and the next you are left waiting for an hour for the next job!

With uberX, really everybody having a car is able to sign up to drive for Uber.

Plus Uber makes this rather simple to do.

In the video below, Steve explains how to be an uber driver.

The foremost step is to visit this website. A person aged no less than 21 years, having a license, private auto insurance, as well as a four-door automobile in first-rate condition is eligible for signing up as a driver.

The subsequent step is to pass the background check of Uber. You are going to have to supply the company with regular information like your license number, address, as well as social security number.

Provides that you do pass this background test, you would be required to take up an online preparation course covering typical operating methods, how to acquire 5 stars, and what to avoid. Having had completed the course you are going to be given a phone by Uber.

The complete the registration procedure takes approximately a couple of weeks.

How Much Can You Make with Uber?

Driving for Uber is able to be an unbelievably profitable career, as said by Uber.

Back in the month of May, Uber had brought out a data revealing that no less than 50% of its drivers in New York City make over $90,000 annually. In the city of San Francisco an approximation of How Much Do Uber Drivers Make can be made from claims by Uber that its drivers are able to earn as much as $70,000/ year.

However it seems that the date provided by Uber is based on a section of drivers with uberX who drive in excess of 40 hours in a week, as said by The Washington Post. This figure moreover excludes the charge of gas, parking, insurance, repairs, maintenance, and paying tolls.

As an instance, an uberX driver in the city of New Jersey who had driven12 hours in a day claims to have made $180 in gross tariffs. That amounts to $15/ hour. But taking tolls, 20% cut of Uber, gas, automobile insurance, vehicle financing, & self employment tariffs into account, a driver actually only earned $54.50 for driving 12 hours. That is only $4.54 / hour

Considering the above calculation of How Much Does an Uber Driver Make those wanting to make a livelihood driving with Uber, must drive an unreasonable number of hours.

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