The Art Of The Vacuum Cleaner – It’s A Science!

Everyone understands that vacuuming is the simplest yet most efficient method to keep your carpet clean.

However, not everyone knows the best techniques for you to get the most from vacuuming. You do not need to vacuum every day, however, whenever you do, you should get it done the proper way.

Before you even start vacuuming it’s a good idea to prepare your carpet. This step only involves picking up toys, clothes, and any other loose items that may be lying around. Also, check for any loose wires that may get sucked up into your vacuum cleaner and remove them.


It is also a smart idea to brush your baseboards using a broom. This should loosen any the dust and dirt that could be trapped where the vacuum cleaner will not have the ability to remove it.

Now that your floor is prepped you also want to check your vacuum cleaner. Make sure you empty the canister or replace the bag. An empty canister and empty bag will ensure maximum suction from your vacuum. Check the height setting also. You want to have your vacuum set correctly for your carpet type. High for thick carpet, and low for not so thick carpet.

Now you should be ready to start vacuuming. It is usually better to start at the farthest point in any room and work backward towards the doorways. If you have a multi-level home, then begin at the topmost room and work your way downstairs. Working backward uses less energy on you and utilizes more from the vacuum. This is because a majority of the vacuum’s suction power comes from pulling back rather than going forward.


Do not hurry through vacuuming. Utilizing slow, even strokes, in several directions provides you with better coverage along with a more efficient vacuum. Moving in several directions can even stop your carpet from getting worn down. Continuously vacuuming in the same direction may cause track markings as time passes. These are primarily worn away spots which have been vacuumed in the same direction again and again over a span of time. Keep the vacuum cleaner going in various directions to avert this.

Move any furniture which needs to be moved and clean up underneath anything which needs to be cleaned. Shut doors and get into closets. Get as near to the walls as you can. Whatever you do not get now may return to haunt you later on.

There’s not much worse than totally wasting your precious time by performing a job inadequately and then having to get it done yet again. Stick with these very easy vacuuming techniques every time you vacuum your carpet and you should get the best from your time and effort. Doing the work properly the first time will help save time, energy, and aggravation.

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