5 Tips For Getting Pregnant

Are you trying to start a family but having a hard time getting it done?

Don’t worry because you’re not alone.

Here are 5 getting pregnant tips that you might try.

preggersGet the “pregnant woman” mindset

Although it can be frustrating to keep on getting negative results, being frustrated will only make it worse. As Napoleon Hill once said, “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” So get into that mindset and believe that you will get pregnant. This is one of those getting pregnant tips that are easier said than done.

Start a menstrual calendar

Although every woman knows what this is, they never do it. This is one of the most overlooked getting pregnant tips. Knowing when you are most fertile helps increase the chance of getting a successful conception.

More is good

During your fertile days, try to make love. This will ensure that there is as enough sperm to fertilize. Making love twice a day instead of one will increase the chances of you getting pregnant.

Have fun while having sex

When couples are trying to conceive, they think of sex as a task rather than an enjoyable act of love. So have fun while doing it. Some researchers believe that, an orgasm will increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Change your lifestyle


Infographic by CheckPregnancy.com

If you love coffee then switch to tea of decaf. If you exercise 10 hours every week, cut it down to 5 hours. Stress and caffeine can cause certain birth defects and can cause infertility on some women.

This is one of those getting pregnant tips that need discipline and concentration.

Please be reminded though that just because you follow these tips, you will get pregnant. So before you try any of these tips, consult your doctor.

It is still the one of the best things to do, especially when you have been doing it for a while.

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