3 Carpet Cleaning Tips From The Professionals

If you’ve owned a Persian rug or have a heavily carpeted home then you know how carpet cleaning tips and maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet works. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner often does the job but what if you have to save money? Carpets are just so much hassle, and if you apply the wrong method of dirt removal, you might end up having to rip the carpet off the floor and spend more by replacing it.


Here are three carpet cleaning tips from the professionals

The first of the carpet cleaning tips is for those times you have a pet that runs around leaving its hair or fur all over the carpet. The first thing you’ll need is a vacuum cleaner or a simple hand-hoover and a static brush. You usually can get these brushes in your local department store.

Or you can get a lint brush remover for clothes at your dry cleaners and use that instead. When cleaning the carpet with the vacuum cleaner head, always swipe it from up to down and not down to up. It will maintain that simple carpet pattern without ruining the texture of the carpet.


Aim the head at the fur and scrape it lightly of the covered area, just repeat this until you’ve cleaned the whole carpet. Use the static brush for those times the fur just refuses to be sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

The second of the carpet cleaning tips is on how to deal with those hard bubblegum stains that harden over time.

In a good case, it’s best to wet the area and use a kitchen knife to scrape the gum off once it gets softer. Use hot water to heat up the area and scrub with a good amount of powdered detergent and a floor scrub (not recommended for those very shaggy carpets) to get the remaining gum out the texture of the carpet.

If you can, pick up the carpet and rinse it in the bathtub for further ease in dealing with the problem.

The third and last of the carpet cleaning tips is on how to clean a shag carpet. Those are the carpets resembling the texture of a mop. It’s not easy to clean those types, and it usually ends up disastrous when trying to clean them by yourself.

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This often results in buying a new carpet in the end. If your shag carpet gets wet, it’s always best to wait it out till its dry. Don’t try to blow dry or vacuum it dry because the strands would tangle together and may get stuck that way. Should the carpet have gum on it, it’s time to get the scissors and cut the strands attached to the gum while using hot water.

Do not scrub shag carpets because the bristles may untangle the strands!

Do not feel scared to apply these carpet cleaning tips as they have been proven to work. If you had burned your carpet with an iron just to get it dry, then this is probably the best time we can say… time to get a new carpet!

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